I’m an art student at MSCD working on a BFA with a ceramics concentration.  This blog started as a requirement for my Fall 2009 Introduction to Digital Art and Design class with Matt Jenkins in which I had to post all of the assignments and work I did for the class.  The class is now over and I decided to recreate it a bit.  I’ve left some stuff from the class on but will continue to let this blog evolve…

Who is Lena Rabinowitz?  Well, some disagreements  among some family members aside, Lena Rabinowitz would have been my grandmothers name had it not been for changes made by immigrant officials at Ellis Island when her family and in-laws came over from Poland and Russia.  Some in the family say Raab may have been the name.  As a child I was really intrigued by this …and still am obviously.  In any case they thought her name was “too Jewish”.

wednesday is the new friday?  To me this title references the idea of change.  I’ve always found it funny when people say things like “orange is the new black” or “50 is the new 30”.

This title could change also…we’ll just see won’t we?



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